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Top retail shops within the gated community in Gurgaon

With the changing socio-economic conditions in the country and the terror created by the pandemic, it has become a trend to have society shops. Society Shop is a term that refers to the shops which take room within the gated community. These retail shops within the society are very beneficial. Especially during the times of curfew or pandemics when you cannot step out but you have to quickly buy some groceries or medical aids; you can positively rely on these shops. In this blog, we will acquaint you with a few top retail shops within the gated community in Gurgaon.

top retail shop in gurgaon

The concept of these societal retail shops in nothing but an intriguing opportunity for investment too. Within the affordable segment, the top retail shops in the gated community are the following-

Signature Global Signum 37D Affordable Shops

Sprawling across 9.103 acres of land, Signature Global Signum 37D is a commercial complex. It has access from some of the greatest residential projects like  Taksila Height, Apex Our Homes, Imperia Esfera, and many similar properties. Signum 37D meets the requirements of every buyer as it caters shops in various sizes. Thus, as per your need you can opt for a shop which suits you the best. With the uninterrupted accessibility to all the basic amenities, these shops are just what you are seeking. 

Mahira Bazaar 63A

Mahira Bazaar 63A is a commercial project by Mahira Group in sector 63A Gurgaon. These are the extravagant affordable shops in Gurgaon. One can avail of these retail shops at a pocket-friendly price. Stationed close to Golf Course Extension Road, the location of these shops is supreme. As a society shop, the shopkeepers will not have to do an effort to generate footfall. Thus, it proves to be a handsome investment opportunity. 

Pyramid Square 86 Commercial Shops

Pyramid is already a well-known developer in the affordable segment. Pyramid Square 86 Commercial Shops are the one-stop destination for shopaholics and those who are always seeking some place to have fun. With a pleasing retail space of 19,500 sq. ft. it acquires the commercial space till the second floor. Since this one is an under-construction property, it is a gorgeous investment opportunity. 

In the list above, you got to know about the top retail shops in the gated community. All these projects fall under the Affordable Housing policy 2013 which means these are budget-friendly shops. Getting a commercial at such a nominal rate is really a golden opportunity.  

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