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Why does the green environment administer the new age living?

Remember the times when we used to write articles on Global Warming in schools? Bringing nostalgia in the frame because little did we know that we will have to undergo the circumstances that we mentioned in our notebooks. With the scorching heat and unfavorable weather, it has become the need of an hour to keep a check on the causes that lead to the deterioration of the green environment. Besides, dirt, dust, and pollution are other significant factors that affect the environment of today. 

Why does the green environment administer the new age living

Nonetheless, the expansion and development that is taking place in the urban areas by eradication of the flora and fauna could be considered as the root cause. The exploitation of nature jeopardizes life on the earth. Contemplating the grave situation, many natural conservationists and environmentalists have come forward with movements that emphasize the plantation of more and more trees

While traveling around the city, you might have come across the green belts that stand on the corners of main roads and highways. These belts have been planted to increase the greenery in the area. The concept of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has been brought with a motive to mandate the plantation of saplings and trees within the residential avenues. These are the reasons why profuse frondescence (lush greens) administer the new age living.

Eco-friendly homes can prove to be a great help in making the city green. The ways in which you as a concerned citizen can stump up towards a favorable green environment are –

  1. Plant away

It’s high time and we should understand the significance of planting trees. Though we cannot plant a tree everywhere but taking care of a little sapling would make a huge impact in the long run. 

  1. Waste Disposal

The government has stationed biodegradable and non-biodegradable bins wherever required. However, we do not always use the same rather we throw the garbage wherever we feel like. The disposal of waste in the said bins would be beneficial for recycling of the resources.

  1. Environment friendly Products

Using eco-friendly products would contribute towards making your home free from chemicals and residing at a place which is close to nature. 

  1. Alternative Energy

People have begun to comprehend the importance of renewable resources/ energy. Using solar panels or solar-powered electrical appliances like air conditioners, heaters, and other appliances saves the cost as well as the environment
It’s time now that you should begin adding to a safe and sound environment. Always remember that each effort counts.

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