NCR needs more affordable housing projects

Affordable housing has always been the need for the all times. The growth of Delhi NCR region is satisfying. Various growth corridors in Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida have made their progress on this front. Developers of this region have carefully chosen the projects, Keeping in mind the demands & budget of the buyers.

The respective authorities have also not lagged behind in crafting the respective Master Plans with the best of infrastructure so as to provide a smooth life and comprehensive facilities for the existing and the proposed residents/occupants.

The continuous launch of projects in these regions is testimony to the fact that the developers and the users have realized the importance of these two regions being fully developed and habituated by 2017. More or less, 2,50,000 houses are expected to be ready for occupancy, fulfilling the long-cherished dreams of millions of home buyers with excellent infrastructure, connectivity and other well laid amenities.

The policy makers also, have to bring in policies to control the cost of construction. An incentive offered in one state can reduce the supply and increase the cost of labour in another or the sudden change in policy regarding the use of ground water can hike up the construction cost. Any such increase in cost ultimately gets loaded on to the cost of affordable housing available to its aspirant.

Many aspirants, looking to own a house, are in search of such housing. If affordable housing shall be promoted, the buyers will start living in their dream homes.

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