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Pivotal Sector 59 Gurgaon Affordable Housing

Pivotal Sector 59 Gurgaon – Affordable Housing

Pivotal Infrastructure is going to launch a new property that is in sector-59 Gurgaon. It is the fourth property by Pivotal Infrastructure in the affordable housing segment.

The first property of Pivotal Infrastructure is Pivotal Paradise, which is in sector-62 Gurgaon. Second is Pivotal Deevan in Sector 84, and Third is Riddhi Siddhi in Sector 99a. The name of Pivotal Infrastructure is ideal in Gurgaon because it has constructed excellent quality in the last three-property, which has started giving possession from 2020. In this project, Pivotal Infrastructure will bring 2BHK & 3BHK apartments, which has well designed, and flats will be spacious.

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Amenities in Pivotal sector 59 Gurgaon

Amenities is the essential parts of any society, and lots of people see before purchasing any property. Therefore, pivotal is equipped with amenities such as Community Centre, Fitness Centre, Gym, Kids play area, Security Personnel, Shopping Centre, and Park. Which ensures a healthy and social lifestyle for the residents.

Why invest in sector 59 Gurgaon?

Sector 59 is strategically located on the Golf Course Extention Road, and Now this sector is growing fast. In recent times lots of real estate developers are coming in that location like Birla Estate, Mahira Home 63a, etc. Therefore, Golf Course Extention Road has gained a lot of popularity in terms of investment because many reputed schools and colleges are coming there. And we already discussed that the Connectivity of sector 59 is very good. Finally, if you are thinking of investing in sector 59, then Pivotal is a good option for you.

Benefits of Affordable Housing Policy

We already know that Sector 59 is the ultra-premium location in Gurgaon, where lots of people want to live. But the average rates of the property start from 80 lac to 1 crore. Therefore buying a property in this location is a little bit difficult for an average person. 

But Conversely, if you are purchasing a property under the affordable housing policy, then the price will be 30 lacs only for 3bhk apartments. It is the huge difference.

Then the question arises, how is it possible?

Well, According to the affordable housing policy 2013, the government has already declared the pricing, which has fixed for every location in Gurgaon. The pricing is 4000 per Sq.ft for a carpet area and 500 per Sq.ft for a balcony area. Therefore the property rate under this policy has decreased exponentially. 

If you study affordable housing policy 2013, then you will deal with certain words like “Pre-Defined Size,” “Pre-Defined Rates,” and “Targeted Time frame.” It means the government has already declared if you are investing under this policy, then you get possession of targeted time. And the price will be fixed.

Connectivity Advantages of Sector-59 Gurgaon.

Connectivity is a crucial thing for any property, and most of the people see the Connectivity before buying. Sector 59 is a very good location in terms of Connectivity, Therefore; i am going to share some points.

Distance from Pivotal Sector 59
  • Pivotal sector 59 is well connected with Golf Course Extention Road.
  • Only 5 minutes away from the Gurgaon most extensive commercial hubs Cyber City.
  • It is well connected with National Highway, MG Road, and Faridabad Road.
  • If you want to travel from Delhi, it would be effortless, because the distance from sector 55, 56 metro is very close.
  • It is very close to renowned schools like DPS, St, Johannes, Shriram Millennium School. And also close form hospitals like Medanta, Max, Fortis, and Artemis.

Final Conclusion

If you are thinking of investing in affordable housing segment on Golf Course Road, then Pivotal sector-59 is for you. The property is a very good option because of the multiple regions like Connectivity, Amenities, Affordable Housing Policy, and a lot more. 

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