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Carpet area, Built-up area, and Super Built-up Area explained in Real Estate

Undoubtedly, all the home buyers have once or more been tricked by the realtors or brokers. The usage of terms like built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area often leaves the customers perplexed. These terminologies are widely used while explaining the property area to the buyers. To understand the vague terms or jargon which seem highly confusing, let us explain each and every term in detail. On the broader concept, there are three main parameters through which one can measure the square footage of a property. These measuring parameters include carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area.

carpet area, built up area,  and super built up area

Understanding Carpet Area:

Carpet Area as the name suggests is an area on which the carpet can be put. In other words, you can say that an area within the inner walls which is covered by the carpet. However, the carpet area has nothing to do with the space outside the premises of your apartment. Thus, it does not include the shared space of lobby, staircase, lifts and corridor etc. If you pay attention to the carpet area, you would get an understanding of the area available for kitchen, rooms and bathrooms. Thereupon, whenever you go for buying a property ensure that you get the maximum carpet area.

Understanding Built-up Area :

Built-up Area is nothing but just a level up from the carpet area. As the carpet area covers only the floors, the built-up area is inclusive of the walls too.  A proper definition of built-up area would be the sum of carpet area and inner walls. It is necessary to understand that the built-up area would also be comprising the balcony area

Understanding Super Built-up Area :

This is where the actual perplexity takes place. People tend to confuse between built-up areas and super built-up areas. It is often witnessed that while explaining a property, the seller boasts of this very term only. A super built-up area in a property is inclusive of carpet area plus balcony plus common areas. Super built-up area is also called a saleable area

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